About Ann

Ann is known for her large-scale panoramic landscapes, florals and rural scenes of Canada. Bold, visible brushstrokes and thick, luscious oil paint are characteristic of her paintings, which have been described as contemporary impressionism. Gnarly old trees with their own linear personalities, grasses shifting in the wind, hidden marshes, – these are some of the subject matters which have inspired Ann’s landscapes.

Her florals portray the exquisite rhythm and flow which are at the root of nature surrounding us. They are larger-than-life, close up and personal , inviting the viewer to immerse themselves in the painting. They are an open invitation into the heart and soul of the natural world, a reminder of the peace and tranquility that exists if we but look for it. 

For the past few years Ann has found new passion in painting outdoors, en plein air. This method of painting stems back to the mid 19th century. She has been involved in major Plein air events in B.C., Alberta, Nova Scotia and Ontario. She has won major awards for her plein air work, including first place at the Elora Plein Air Festival, 2018 in Ontario, third place in the 2017 Bragg Creek, Alberta Plein Air Festival and an Honourable Mention at the Parrsboro, Nova Scotia International Plein Air Festival 2018 . She continues to promote Plein Air painting events and workshops throughout Canada. 

Her work is shown in galleries across Canada and held in collections around the world. She is a Senior member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and an Associate Member of the Oil Painters of America.

Artist Statement

There is something magical about our natural surroundings, be it trees, foliage, flowers, water; something that is hard to put down in words. I have always tried to capture that magic when I paint my landscapes and florals. 

How many of us have walked into a deep forest and been overcome by a strong sense of calmness and tranquility; a sense of wonder and respect. On a recent trip to Spain I stood amid a grove of olive trees that were over a thousand years old. I wandered around them in silence. When I touched them, I felt their strength and history ripple through my hands. I could only imagine what they must have witnessed over the years, and the stories they would tell if they could only talk. 

The rhythm and movement of nature is what I paint – the lineal personality of trees, the uniqueness and imperfection of flowers – They are so magnificent in their raw state, untouched by mankind. When I paint, I strive to pay tribute to that natural world that we quite often don’t take the time to appreciate.

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